now they know

Yesterday I finally let my kiddos at school know what was going on. I've had a few strange looks at my tummy the past couple of weeks, and a few parents metnion that their kids are noticing something. So I let them in on my secret. We played hangman (or my nicer version- with a flower instead of hanging poor old man who didn't deserve it). Some of them knew right away, but it took some others the whole time to really get it! One of them started crying right away and asking if it was really true and when was I going to have to leave them. It broke my heart, but I kinda chuckled too. :) I made sure he knew I wasn't leaving themand then he was all excited and asking all kinds of questions! I could actually answer every question they had; no one got into the nitty gritty of it all...they could go home and ask questions for a whole week to their parents! (SPRING BREAK TIME!!)