She is figuring out she has feet! We put on her little rattle socks and she stares and stares at them, and them tries to grab them! She's almost got 'em.


Happy Turkey Day!

What a fantastic first "real" holiday we had yesterday! We spent some time with Rob's parents first and then headed over to see my family. I was very excited to share this day with Kailyn~ we of course had to make turkey handprints, and she pretty much did not care to do that. But it was fun making a mess anyway! (I know, that is a total teacher thing to do to a 2 month old... ) :)

Our little turkey


Holiday Giving...

We always like to do something for others less fortunate around the holiday season. It's always a great time to reflect on how much God has blessed us and how fortunate we are. This year, Rob is participating in a "Lock-Up" to benefit the Muscular Dystophy Association. Next week, Rob will be picked up by his police escort and taken to "jail" for a portion of the afternoon. He raises money be having friend, family, and associates donate money to either "Bail him out" or keep him in jail.

More pics of Kailyn to come...


I missed my daddy so much today!!! (Friday)
A great big daddy swing...she LOVES this!! And she stops fussing when he does this with her!
Sleeping tonight after playing hard all day with mommy! I just had to play with her all day, since I'll be missing her tomorrow!!

quick update

Well, I'm back at school, so Kailyn spent her first day with her Grandma Haynes (my mom) on Friday. Thursday night, she must have known I needed to get some rest...she slept 10 hours!!! And she has continued the trend of sleeping through the night...Friday was 8.5 hours, and last night was 8!!! I think we are super lucky! So until Christmas break, she'll be hanging out with my mom on Mondays and Fridays and some Wednesdays; and chilling with Grandma Eshbaugh (Rob's mom) on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and some Wednesdays.
I missed her tons on Friday, and it was pretty difficult, but I know that I am so lucky to have her with her grandmas. Plus I think it was time for me to put my mind on something else.
I'll put up some more pictures soon!!



How sad! I had to put aside all of Kailyn's newborn sized clothes this morning. :( She is growing way to fast for me! Plus, all of the footed outfits through 3 months won't fit her anymore because she is growing to be so long! She's got to be 2 or 3 inches longer today than she was at the last DR. appointment! I love sleeping on my tummy...but only when mommy is watching!
Check out how she is holding the keys! It was the first time she grabbed and held on to something!!! YEA! Just don't grab my hair and pull! :)


gigggles and laughs....

My favorite time of day is when Kailyn is just waking up in the morning. She spends about 10-20 minutes just giggling and laughing and looking around her world. It is so adorable to watch and makes us both melt. Plus, Rob has figured out that she is ticklish on her tummy, so we spend a lotof time trying that new trick out to see her cute little grin! (this is not a link, but I coulnd't make it go away...sorry!) I'm just waking up!!
I guess I'm kinda a morning person.
Sleepy yawns!
he he he!!

I've got one more week off from school...I go back to my 2nd graders next Fri. the 19th. We visited my class on Tuesday this week. They were really excited to see us, and had lots of questions for me. Kailyn just sat and looked at them all sitting in front of us on the rug.
Womeone asked me at school what I've been up to with all of my time, and I had to honestly think about it. I am constantly busy, and fell like I have a whole list of things to do, but I never finish anything. But I couldn't really say waht I'd been doing. Sometimes I go through the whole and and while i'm busy, I can't say what it is I was so busy with. I guess just feeding and changing her restricts ya from too much else.


baby Rachel

Here is the inspiration for the 2nd picture on the Halloween post. I thought it would be neat to do a look alike shot of Kailyn like the picture of me. As you can see....she looks much more like her papa than me so far! But I've been all sentimental lately and thought this would be neat to show her years down the road.