Summer fun

Kailyn LOVES swimming now. We put up a little pool in our backyard, and after remembering that the water is not automatically warm, (a waiting a few days) she spent some time in it.

Mom! I want to go in the pool now!!

She spent most of the first day in her duckie bathtub floating around because the water was FREEZING!! Dropping the dive sticks in was lots of fun.
Fruit popsicles completed a hot day outside!
The next time around she got all the way in and used her super cool floatie to walk around. Now we just need some more sunny summer days!


WAY overdue!

OK, so I know it's been forever, but not a whole lot has changed around here. School's out so I'm learning how to be an all day mama-which is very hard! I have to give all the credit to moms who do this all year long. I am getting into a routine though, and starting to really enjoy! Here are some pics to get you updated on our lives!

The weekend of the 6th of June, Kailyn and I traveled with my parents down to Fairborn to visit Bevan for his 23rd birthday. He took us to an awesome shopping plaza, similar to Eaton, and we of course had birthday cake in his honor. On Saturday he took us on a rainy tour of downtown Dayton, which the highlight for me was discovering that electric trolleys still exist!! Kailyn went swimming for her first time and loved it! It was a fun weekend. I miss you Bevan!

OK, so Blogger is not cooperating and will not let me upload anymore pics right now, but I wanted to get something posted...more to come soon!