good Maxie...

Well with all of the changes happening around the house, we are figuring that our little dog is going to have some issues. First, she already has a few little issues, but we tend to overlook those until she makes us hurt. She's got personality- that's for sure. So we called in "Anything's Pawsible" to help out and we have started her with obedience training hoping that she will become less aggressive and more predictable. So far she has tried to attack us when we try to put on the choke chain that Portia (the trainer) uses. After a week of not being able to get it on her to practice, we gave in to her (and the trainer too) and now she doesn't have to have the special collar. What a brat. But she is making progress! Last week, we re-taught her how to sit. Now she stays in the sitting position until we say "free" which is pretty hilarious because both of us tend to be a little dramatic with the "free." We dance around and change our voices. No wonder she moves, she's probably afraid...But she does not run right after treats being thrown through the air anymore, she waits for free. A small break through!