now they know

Yesterday I finally let my kiddos at school know what was going on. I've had a few strange looks at my tummy the past couple of weeks, and a few parents metnion that their kids are noticing something. So I let them in on my secret. We played hangman (or my nicer version- with a flower instead of hanging poor old man who didn't deserve it). Some of them knew right away, but it took some others the whole time to really get it! One of them started crying right away and asking if it was really true and when was I going to have to leave them. It broke my heart, but I kinda chuckled too. :) I made sure he knew I wasn't leaving themand then he was all excited and asking all kinds of questions! I could actually answer every question they had; no one got into the nitty gritty of it all...they could go home and ask questions for a whole week to their parents! (SPRING BREAK TIME!!)


The belly will now begin...

I thiink it's safe to say that I am showing now. I'm not convinced that a total stranger would come up and say, "Hey, you're pregnant!" but most people who see me regularly have got to have noticed. I'm waiting for one of the kids at school to tell me I'm getting fat. That will be pretty funny!

I got to hear the heartbeat today at the doctor's office. I went in so they could check for a bladder infection (YUCK), and there is none of that, just a really active, high sitting baby who is getting a kick out of jumping on my bladder. I've made many many trips to the bathroom. At least I know where I need to clean better- I have plenty of time to look around :)

Watermelons are here!! My friend Julie was so wonderful and brought one for me to school yesterday. I had mentioned last week that a watermelon would be awesome to have right now, and low and behold, she happened to find one! It was one of those baby watermelons- almost a perfect replica of what my tummy is starting to look like. :) Very tasty!


A real baby and Snow White...

It's been kinda strange because we're the first ones out of our friends to have a baby, so we have no one to compare to or talk about it with. Rob has a friend from high school, though who he has recently caught up with who had a baby in January. So last night, we got to go over to his house and see the little girl!! How exciting! I haven't been around a baby for a really long time, and Rob really has never been. Nate let me hold her and feed her and then Rob even took her for a while and held her. It was really neat, because he has never held a little baby like that before. It made even more excited! Very cool moment!

The other night after one of my crying/laughing crazy episodes (these are coming more often these days) :) Rob came up with a new theory that I think it pretty funny! He said, that he thinks the movie Snow White is just a big illusion. Snow White is actually pregnant, and the 7 dwarfs are her different personalities through the whole ordeal. I must say that this makes a lot of sense, and luckily cracked me up at the moment rather than making me mad. :) So today I think I'll choose to be the Happy dwarf! (At least for a while) :)



On the radio yesterday morning, they were talking about Disney's new movie that just started production. I think it was called the Frog Princess or something like that. I could not figure out why they were announcing it now because they said that it will not be released until 2009. All of the sudden, it occurred to me that wow , that could one of our little baby's first Disney movies that it sees. Isn't that just crazy? By then, baby will be 2 or almost 2 and running around like a man with a plan.
It is just still so weird to me that this is happening! Even though we saw the baby and saw the heartbeat, I feel like we left the baby at the doctor's office and we have to go back there to pick it up. It doesn't seem real that it is here with me all the time. I do think that it is becoming more evident to people around me. My belly is sticking out a little bit more each day. But still, what a crazy thing this is...



Well after a little bit of a scare yesterday (the doctor couldn't find the heartbeat, so she had us come in today for an ultrasound. Of course to us, it felt like the whole world was crumblng and something must be wrong...) (I learned I need to put a little more faith in God and trust Him completely...) we are super joyful and breathing a sigh of relief. Not only did they find a strong heartbeat immediately (160 beats per minute) but we could watch our little one twist and turn and flip around, almost like it was giving a show. We could see all the little fingers and toes, and it even crossed and unrossed its legs a few times (very much like how Maxie does :) ) It was just moving too much to be able to register anything through the Doppler machine. Whew!! So this is our first picture of our little baby...

AND... at this point, the doctor said she saw a little something right about where you would see a little boy, so for the moment we are having a BOY!! But she warned that we won't know for sure for a few weeks yet, so not to go out and buy a baseball themed room yet. :) Today was a very good day.


my thoughts...

All I can think about lately is how excited I am for this little baby to arrive. This chorus from a song has been running through my mind alot...
If a star fell from the sky,
Every time I thought of you,
There would be none,
And if the moon would shine,
All the while,
You're on my mind,
We'd never see the day,
And I wish it weren't so far away.
Tomorrow is the doctor's appointment...should be able to hear the heartbeat. I don't know if I'll sleep much tonight...I'm pumped up. I might finally believe that it's all happening :)