Last Saturday 7/28, my mother in law, Donna, and sister in law, Debbie threw a baby shower for me! They decorated with rubber duckies and baby toys and baby outfits. It was really cute! Everyone was so generous and brought us so many useful things for when baby girl gets here. She will definietly not be lacking in the fashion department. I couldn't believe how many clothes we received! We may have to change her a couple times a day to get to show off all of the new outfits! :) It was such a fun day and I so appreciated the chance to celebrate my anticipation with friends and family members from Rob's side. Thank you to everyone!!!

Donna and Nan made this diaper cake!

Me and Debbie :)

Rob's grandma (Nan) crocheted three blankets for us! A super cute cake! Very yummy too!



We started our childbirth classes last week and just had the second one last night. They are trying to teach us how to relax, but then they show us all kinds of videos of the different stages of labor and what's going on during them. It's not really relaxing. In fact, I just got a memo from the baby that she is just content inside and she'll stay there forever if I don't mind. I think I'm all for that at the moment. No need to bring her out! Right? :)

a changed dog

If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting or being around our dog, you know that she has quite a personality. She has always been a bigger fan of Rob (he's the guy in charge according to her, and then she comes next on the scale, and I come in last place as far as she's concerned). Well, she's gone through her obedience training and was pretty successful, except she was horrible for my dad when we were in Texas. Now, she has become my little groupie. She does not leave my side. She follows me to the bathroom, and everywhere else I go in the house. She even sleep right on me close to my belly. When we're on the couch, she lays right up next to me too, more than she ever did before. It is the craziest thing, but she totally senses something is going on in my growing belly. It is really cute. I wonder if she'll remember that she doesn't really like me after the baby is born? :)

a dancing queen

I haven't really been feeling baby girl moving around too much; to give you too much info the doctor said that my placenta is lying right on top of my belly, so that is acting like a shock absorber. Two days ago though, when I got in the car to go tutor, she was going crazy in there, just kicking and twisting and whatever else she might do. :) When I got back in the car to come home later, she started it up again! It dawned on me that I had put in a new CD that morning- Justin Timberlake- hahaha, and it has a lot of hard beats in it, and that must be what is making her move. So I tried it out again yesterday morning, and sure enough, she was jamming down there! Apparently she is going to be a Justin fan, but Rob says she was trying to tell me to turn it off! :)



Cream soda....yummy. :)


it has hit me

I'm finally feeling really really pregnant. I don't think my belly can get any larger, or I might pop out of my skin. My ankles are just about as big as my knees, and I have to waddle everywhere. Not complaining, just updating you all on my current mood/attitude. And I've still got 2 months to go! It's gonna be a fun couple of months. But in all seriousness I am a joyful little mama in my heart, and that's where it matters, right?! :)


a special surprise

Yesterday, Rob surprised me with an early 4th anniversary present. He bought a glider and glider ottoman for the nursery! We saw one this past weekend while we were shopping, and it was very comfy, but I never imagined we would get one. The cushion even matches the paint in the room perfectly! He's the best. :) Now we'll have a really comfy place to spend time with little baby girl.

the border is up!

We got the border put up in the nursery!


I have a new cousin!

My uncle Brian just had his new bundle of joy this past week! They named her Hollyn (I'm not completely sure on the spelling). I asked my dad how he feels seeing as he's going to have a grandchild and his brother is still having children and he kinda laughed and said he's happy he'll be sending her home at the end of the day. :) Gotta love my dad!

the name game

For anyone who isn't already thoroughly frustrated with us... we are not going to share baby girl's name till she comes. We do have some picked out, but we haven't decided 100%, and I think it would be fun to give everyone something to look forward to. (Not that having the baby itself will be something exciting to look forward to, this is just an additional test of patience I suppose) Plus I may change my mind 7 times before then, so it'll cut down on confusion!