Happy Valentine's Day!

Check out my new slippies! Ooooo!!

We spent our day at Amazone, a local indoor playground and "family fun" center. We all had a phenomenal time running, climbing, and sliding. We will definetly be returning very soon! No time to pose, gotta go mom!

singing "la, la, la" as she runs along...

lunch break, who's in?
Watching the "lide" and trying to figure out how to get back to it. (slide) Once we slid down, she just wanted to turn around and run back up it!
We hope everyone enjoyed their holiday!


All better!

We have had some nasty sickness running through our house for the past week and a half. I think that we are all recovered now. Kailyn started it all with strep throat (they told me kids her age couldn't get it...well surprise, she got it- let's just say I have had a rough time with her Dr.'s office the past few weeks. That's a whole other angry mom story though.) Then she woke up with the stomach virus in the middle of the night Sunday. From there, we all pretty much got everything and have been on numerous antibiotics. I'm finally headed back to school tomorrow! (and then to an ENT to discuss my tonsils in March :( ).

Here's what we did on one of my BONUS snow days!

Bringing the snow inside!!

Tasting the fingerpaint

Now that's how you're supposed to use it!