Well after a little bit of a scare yesterday (the doctor couldn't find the heartbeat, so she had us come in today for an ultrasound. Of course to us, it felt like the whole world was crumblng and something must be wrong...) (I learned I need to put a little more faith in God and trust Him completely...) we are super joyful and breathing a sigh of relief. Not only did they find a strong heartbeat immediately (160 beats per minute) but we could watch our little one twist and turn and flip around, almost like it was giving a show. We could see all the little fingers and toes, and it even crossed and unrossed its legs a few times (very much like how Maxie does :) ) It was just moving too much to be able to register anything through the Doppler machine. Whew!! So this is our first picture of our little baby...

AND... at this point, the doctor said she saw a little something right about where you would see a little boy, so for the moment we are having a BOY!! But she warned that we won't know for sure for a few weeks yet, so not to go out and buy a baseball themed room yet. :) Today was a very good day.


Rebecca said...

This picture takes my breath away!
Love, mom