"Woof, woof"

We went Trick-or-Treating on Saturday night! Well, I guess you could say we dressed Kailyn up and then went to a couple of neighbor's houses, and Grandma and Grandpa Eshbaugh's neighbor's houses. Nothing too intense of course! Kailyn got into costume by saying "woof, woof" over and over again a few days before the big day. She also otok on her role by crawling around instead of walking! It was so much fun to watch her and see all of the other little one's costumes!


Enough hair...



A Year

So I guess it has taken awhile for it to sink in to me that 1 whole year has gone by. My mom told me something that has been just eating away at me...After 18 more of these time periods we just passed through, and KB will be on her way out. :( That seems WAY too soon!

I've been thinking alot about everything she has already learned and the personality that is shining through and wanted to jot these things down so I'll never forget the small things.

Kailyn's favorites:

Food- blueberries and cottage cheese

Books- Have You Seen My Cat? by Eric Carle; Doggies by Sandra Boynton

TV shows- Sesame Street (ELMO); Mickey Mouse Playhouse

Things to do- collect little things she finds around the house and carry them with her; lay out blankets and dance on them; play ring around the rosie; throw the ball to Maxie; look at pictures of her buddies; go on outside walks; stand on her bouncer chair and swing back and forth; pointing to her nose; choosing "bu, bu" s from the shelf; taking her clothes out of the drawers and laying them on the floor in piles; taking things out-putting them back in; shaking her head no because she suddenly doesn't like wahtever food I'm giving her; push rocks and gravel around with her hands; carry shoes by the shoelaces; hiding behind blankets; and sitting on her step in the basement

She just makes me smile endlessly! Thanks for reading all about our little gal!


Hikes and pumpkins- Fall fun!

We love the Ohio fall weather around here! Rob and I have done the fall hiking spree in the MetroParks in the past, but it is a totally different experience with little Kailyn. From the best seat ever in the backpack, she just stares up at the trees and says, "Wow!" She of course wants down a lot too, and she toddles around. She bit the dust twice and ended up with little bits of gravel in her forehead :(

Are you guys coming or not?

Today we headed out to Szaley's to pick out some pumpkins. KB just wanted to hold them all!