Just too cute...

Mom and Dad can't stop taking pictures of me.


daddy's hats

While hanging out with daddy waiting to go to grandma's one day this week, K Bear (I have a zillion nicknames for her) wanted to show some style and try on his hats. (yes they are backwards...hood style :) )

Bonus Day #5!

Today was my 5th snow day of the year!!! WAHOO! In my few years teaching, we've never hit our maximum of 5 days, so it was pretty exciting to get the call this morning! So that meant a bonus day with little KB! After her morning nap and baba, we ventured out into the "winter wonderland" for her first real snow experience. A few snowballs thrown at daddy and a snow bear later, we were freezing and ready to head back inside! This snow thick and heavy you didn't even have to pack it; you just picked it up and it was in a ball. Good day for all kinds of outside play (my dad even took part in his favorite snow day past time- sledding!)


Kailyn's newest "thing" is that she does not want to sit still. She's just movin movin constantly, and we think if she could actually crawl, we'd be in trouble! :) She wants to touch EVERYthing that is in front of her and then just kicks and thrashes about! Lots and lots of fun to see her getting so good with her hands.
"Hmm....I bet these are tasty!"


Things I never considered...

It's been a long 4 months- feels like an eternity. I cannot even begin to imagine what it was like before our wonderful blessing arrived. I also have been thinking about all the things I had no clue about, and all the assumptions I had that are not true! For example...I never thought about the fact that binkys do not just go back into the mouth on their own. And how about the fact that you have to pre treat all of the laundry if you ever want to get those yucky stains out. We never really had stains before, now we keep our pretreater next to the hamper. I also never thought about the fact that mobiles and sleepy music could be heard as lets get up and have fun activities. You know what else, I didn't think you could have a conversation with a little one. But, you sure can, she answers you right back either in a growly sound or a shrieky noise. I also didn't know that when I was so exhausted from work and grad school and stying up all night to pump, I would still be excited to get up in the morning to just look at my little one. I am constantly amazed everyday at the things we are learning.Not the best picture, but our latest family pic!