Just like mommy...

HMMMM....who can remember the packing peanuts ordeal at Aunt Pam's? Kailyn tore into a box that was shipped here today and was throwing them EVERYWHERE!


Here puppy puppy...

You can't really have it...but I'll let you think you can. :) All night long!


What I Did With the Promise of an Extra Hour...

I updated the blog! I'm trying to keep up with it more~!

We took a pic just like this last year...I think we'll try to do it every year!

Playing in the leaves! When we went out, I told Rob that we were going out to rake. Hmmm...really, we just played! :)

Cleaning out the pumpkin...something I really enjoy! Kailyn however, did not want to touch all the icky stuff. She just took the seeds and moved them to the cookie sheet- then put them back in the pumpkin- over and over again.

HaHaHa! Kailyn loves going in circles under my dad's legs. She just cracks up and laughs and gets super dizzy. It was pretty funny to watch my mom crawl through to show her how to do it. Don't worry mom, I won't put that picture up. :)