Happy St. Patrick's Day!

This is the best picture I can get at the time...someone is a bit stubborn about EVERYthing and purposely avoids me when I have the camera now. We've hit quite an interesting toddler stage...not real sure we'll make it out alive! :)

But here's Kailyn's attempt at wishing you a green day! (and yes, the hat is now broken and could not be worn today) hahaha...


Our St. Kitts get-a-way

Rob won a year long contest in 2008 that sent us on a St. Kitts get-a-way this past week. He worked incredibly hard to make it and was one of only a few agents to qualify after only operating his agency for 2 and a half years. I was the lucky duck who just got to tag along- and was thrilled to do that!!

We stayed at the Royal Marriot St. Kitts Resort where everything was included- it got a little crazy within the huge group of agents. It was unbelievable how well Erie took care of us- from a chartered plane to gifts in our room each night- I was in complete shock. (this is not something we would have ever experienced). We were able to go on a catamaran cruise with snorkeling, tour the capital city of Basseterre, and of course relax at the beach. We had pretty good weather- it rained one morning (but the beach was still pretty cool as the rain was pelting us!). I was more responsible than I usually am with sunscreen (remembering a Myrtle Beach vaca a few years ago-oops) so we did not burn much at all! It was about 80-85 degrees!

One of the most intriquing parts of the trip were the people of St. Kitts (Kittians). We were amazed by their talents in music, crafts, and of course trying to bamboozle Americans who look lost. Within an hour of our arrival, a trio of monkeys was plopped on Rob as a man told me to take pictures- only later to find out this was not just for kicks and giggles, but he wanted 20 bucks!! You'll see one of those "wonderful" photos in the montage- hey, we got experience right?! We stayed away from that man as best as we could the rest of our stay :)

This country has two islands-St. Kitts and Nevis- both of which have a volcano and rainforest. The landscape was breathtaking! The Kittians were very kind, but we were a bit uneasy walking around the city alone down some of the back alleys- our true ignorance revealed, I'm sure.

Being only a few days long was perfect because we were missing our K-bear quite a bit by Wed. I think she almost over the fact that we left her- she was in such good hands while we were gone- like her own vacation with both sets of grandparents. But we were happy to see that the weather here is halfway decent to get us back into the swing of March in Ohio. :)