Afternoons at the park

I have found the best part of living in Cuyahoga Falls...the parks! We have a park, a 10 min. stroller walk away, that has become my favorite thing about this summer. It is mostly shady with some beautiful trees for picnicing, baby swings and teeter totters, and (probably KB's fav....) a wading pool! We have spent a few days now at the park just relaxing and taking in the summer weather. a nice picnic lunch first

Kailyn uses her little raft to walk herself around the 1 ft. deep pool. It's pretty large, and she just scoots around like she owns it! She chases the ducks and tries to grab the beach balls. It's really fun watching her around the other kiddos- she gets right up close to them and tries to "play."

A nice swing to end the day before we walk (and nap) home.


Daddy's softball game

Rob's regular schedule softball season is over. Now they are on to the playoffs. KB and I seem to be a jinx to him because whenever we're there, he freezes. :( We were asked (jokingly) not to come watch next week. Maybe he'll go back to his normal play! hahaha

Kailyn does more playing than watching of course. :)

Misc. catch up!

Swinging at G and G Haynes' house! Rollin on down the sidewalk
Mom! It's moving!!! (a little rolypoly bug!)

Cousin Isaac and Kailyn at their play date a few weeks ago. They jumped up and down together...Kailyn was rattling Isaac's chair to get him to jump. He is the sweetest little guy! Checking out the pool with Grandma Haynes (my mom)...
Hanging with Uncle Bevan a few weekends ago.

In the new basement! Checking it all out!
Kailyn has been climbing EVERYTHING!


Happy 4th of July!

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday and spent some time with family or friends!!

We had a "anti-picnic" (because everyone wanted different foods than the typical picnic dishes)at Rob's parents house. It was very nice to relax and visit. Kailyn loved checking out her cousin Natalie.
Yes, matching outfits.... :)
Kailyn and her great grandma Sullivan
We came home and lit some sparklers for our big 4th hoorah!


A Night Away

You may think we're crazy, but we haven't taken a whole night away from Kailyn yet. But last night, we dropped her off at her G & G Haynes' house and headed out! It was very strange to sleep all night without checking in on her or getting up early. Now I know that 8:30 isn't exactly sleeping in (a ton), but what a nice break!
On our night away, we headed to good old Blossom for the Tim McGraw concert! We were kinda worried about rain and storms, so when we got there, we upgraded (for not much money at all) to pavillion seats. It was a very special treat! The concert was amazing and the whole place was pumped up. It didn't even rain until we were headed home.

Jason Aldean was the second to hit the stage. He got everyone pumped up for Tim to head out!
Now I'm off to go pick little KB up and hear about her adventures last night! :)