Happy Easter (so I'm really late on this one...)

Some bunny gave Kailyn chocolate in her basket that she retrieved at 6:30...not the best idea E. Rabbit!Found an egg!More snacks in baskets...

Yea, Happy Easter to the pooch too! :)


Spring Break!

This past week has been my spring break, so Kailyn and I have been trying to keep busy and out of the house as much as possible. We went to Amazone, visited cousins Karen and Isaac, visited Julie and baby Logan, and then of course played outside once the snow melted. I have seen her change each day as she is learning new things-her personality keeps coming out more and more! I am cherishing this time and hoping that it doesn't end- but it will next Tuesday....hmmm any chance of a snow day?!?! :)

Keeping those toes warm! Our dog Maxie camps out in front of the vents all winter and lets the heat blow through her fur- Kailyn is now copying :)

Baby dolls need diapers too!

Whee!!! All she says is "more, more" when you try to put her down.

When we had dinner at Texas Roadhose a few weeks ago, Kailyn spotted a giant moose head over the door. She panicked- grabbed on and then kept slowly turning around and telling the moose "no, no!" During the whole dinner she would turn around and tell the various animal heads "No!"
We do have some other pretty big news. We have put our house up for sale to see what could happen. YIKES! That means we're looking for new houses, trying to keep ours clean, and packing up junk all at the same time. We have had a few private showings and one open house. I know...this has all been very fast! We'll keep you posted as to what comes up!