GD test is negative!

Well the doctor's office called to tell me I passed the diabetes test!!YEAH! I was pretty nervous about it. But I have developed anemia, so I have to take a prescription iron supplement which will probably make the whole bathroom situation a fun experience the next couple of weeks. :)



I hadn't noticed until last Thursday that my fingers were swelling a little bit, and I'm one of those people who leaves her rings on all of the time. I've never really had my wedding rings off. But when I discovered they wouldn't come off, I panicked! For a few days we tried cold water, moisturizer, oil, and anything else I could think of, but they were not budging. Then a relative of Rob's, who's a jeweler, suggested WINDEX!! Of all things! And they practically slid right off. Now I'm ringless. :(


All is well!

Got back from the Drs. and everything is just wonderful. I have to wait for the glucose results, but other than that, baby girl is measuring perfectly (they said my belly was 28 1/2 inches) and my weight is doing alright (I'm up 27 pounds now) (That seems like way too much to me, but apparantly is perfectly normal) :) Her heartbeat was between 130 and 140 beats per minute, but she is a stinker and moves around so much it takes them a while to find it. We start going every 2 weeks now. It's getting closer!


a late Father's Day "gift"

It was a day late for Father's Day, but our little girl finally let Rob feel her kick! He was very excited! She kept kicking the same place over and over again, instead of hiding whenever we'd try to get him to feel her before. It was neat to see Rob's expression; he said, "Wait, was that her?" We're all smiles here! :)

Home again and now its time for summer vacation!

We made it home yesterday and as we were getting off of the plane, the flight attendant told us that they had just closed done the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport because of weather, so we were one of the last planes out. Whew! It's so nice to be home! Maxie is doing just fine, just a bit clingy, but she's not being a devil dog. :)
Now it's time to take a week off and get some things done that I've been putting off for awhile. Next week I'll start tutroing on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It actually feels like it's summer break now because I have no where I have to be. ( I might get bored very quickly :) )
Wednesday is the next Dr. appointment and I have to take the yucky glucose test to make sure I do not have gestational diabetes. I got the orange drink this time hoping it will taste a little better than the red. HMMM... we'll see. It will be nice to hear her heartbeat though and be reassured that everything is fine.
I'm off for a walk!


stuck in Dallas :(

We were supposed to be home tonight from our week long vacation to the Dallas area, but our flight was cancelled and we're sitting in a hotel room. :( Hopefully we'll get out first thing in the morning...
But we did have a very nice time visiting Rob's aunt Deb and uncle Bob and family. Our little baby got to ride on her first plane ride (kinda) and go swimming, which she enjoyed much by kicking back. (Although a pregnant lady in a bathing suit is quite a funny sight to see) :) And we did tons of shopping for her; she will definitely be a super well-dressed gal.
We are just missing our little Maxie who apparantly has gone back to being devil dog while we were gone. My dad reported to us that she wouldn't even let him get the leash on her without a huge hassle and blanket over her head. She is not a happy camper with us leaving her. We'll see how much retraining we'll have to do, since she was doing so much better. AiAiAi....
Be home soon!!! (hopefully)


Under 100!

WOW! I just noticed on the ticker at the top of the page that we're into double digits for days remaining... It won't bee too long now!


Last Day of School

Whew! The year with kiddos is over. We had a fabulously fun party this afternoon and then the moms surprised me with a cake and special baby gifts. They even had Rob in on it and he showed up. I had a very special class this year; sometimes they made me want to pull out my hair, not cause they were badly behaved, but sometimes just bothered me. :) But I am truly going to miss all of the fun stuff we did! And they are all so excited for little baby Eshbaugh! The cake was so neat! I will post a picture if they send me one.
Now onto SUMMER!


A Cousin!

We got some great news this week! My sister-in-law Debbie (Rob's sis) is now pregnant too! She is due at the end of January next year ( I can't believe 2008 already!) So this means that our little one will have a cousin right away. Cousins were always such an important part in my life growing up that I have been hoping somehow our kids would have them. Yea! We are so happy for Debbie and John. They will make terrific parents!