11 weeks today

Today makes it the baby "peanut" 11 weeks old! Not much new to report about it, except that I'm just beginning to feel like this is all normal. I don't worry about it all day, which is probably a very good thing.
In the middle of teaching math this morning, a major waft of broccoli (school lunches) entered my room, strong enough to make the kids cover their noses and get loud about it. I have never liked broccoli to begin with, it doesn't make much sense to me- too many different textures involved, but that smell today made me so nauseous, I had to sprint out of the room and I got sick!! First time while teaching. I guess it kinda feels like a milestone :) Luckily I had a parent volunteer there who could cover for me...
I also saw today that it is now Shamrock Shake season at McDonald's. This could be bad, because I already love them- now I feel like I have an excuse. Gotta stay away from MickeyD's!!



Yuck~! This is the first day that I actually feel yucky and pukey and all over blah! I now know how lucky I have been these first 10 weeks- I couldn't imagine this all of the time. Food looks ucky, something is smelling funny in our refridgerator so I don't want to open that, and man do I just want to stay in bed. I think that's enough complaining...I have been really lucky, and to just think that it is all because of this precious little baby. (It's the size of a grape this week :) )


Snowed in!

Well, we are officially snowed in! We have gotten at least a foot of snow the past couple of days and that means no school too!! The snow is so high that even when Maxie is in her little path to go the the bathroom, you can't see her from the road! But we are both getting a little bit of cabin fever after just sitting around...

Anyways, the DR appt. went fabulously! Everything looks fine and they estimate our due date as Sept. 13th!! That makes me 10 weeks tomorrow. There are so many September babies in the families already, so we'll have to try to miss them all so that our new little one has its own day :)
I feel so much better after talking with the doctor and finding out that maybe I was begin just a little bit too paranoid about eating certain things and too worried about other things that don't matter too much. She reassured us that we really are going to have a baby ( I actually had to ask this at the end of the appt.- just still not sinking in!), and that life is going to keep going!
We found out we'd be delivering at Akron General Hospital so Rob is on the hunt for quick routes already :)

The news is circulating my school- I can't really keep my mouth shut and I already feel like I am showing, although Rob says I'm not. It must just be all those other changes going on! But I feel better now that people know and they can kinda look out for me and pop their heads in to see if I need to make a potty run. There is not bathroom that is "grownup safe" on my floor- I have to fun to the first floor and halfway across what seems like the whole city of Medina! So far no major sickness though, just feeling icky!
Hope everyone else is surviving the snow and enjoying Valentine's Day!


Our big announcement!

We are so excited to tell the world that we are expecting our first little baby! Tomorrow is the first doctor's appointment, so we are praying that everything is AOK and looks normal. We are blown away by this miracle and we're still not quite sure how to respond. I feel like it's a dream and could not be true. Rob is making plans for building a treehouse in the back. ( I have to keep reminding him that the baby won't play for awhile.... :) Check in as we begin this long journey to a changed life.