14 days- gotta be a record!

Well, last I checked in on here we had just put our house up for sale. 14 days after that- it was sold! We are still in a bit of shock-especially with all the talk about the horrible sellers' market. As of now we are closing on this house on April 21st, however, this is not set in stone and we're hoping it will get pushed back. We don't close on our new house until June 5th. So until we really have our "get out" date finalized, we're putting some of that stress on the back burner and trying to enjoy our last couple of weeks at our house. (And then Kailyn and I pack a few boxes every once and a while :) )

Kailyn helping out! (hmmmm...Minnie isn't really getting packed in this box)
Enjoying a hot day at Indigo Lake