A Haynes family Christmas gathering

It's been a few years since we got together with my dad's side of the family for Christmas. Everyone who is in the area was able to make it which made for a really special time! Even though the void of some very special people was evident, everyone seemed to have a nice time and enjoyed chatting and catching up.

The great grandchildren from around here- they weren't all happy, but we got them all in the picture...
The cousins-

Kailyn decided she likes pizelles (I'm sure I didn't spell that right)

We watched old videos of Christmases and other family gatherings. It was so funny to see what everyone looked like and how we all acted.

KB and grampy playing the piano
Part of the Baldauf clan

I missed some great pictures- but there are many more floating out there! I'll add them as I get them!

Christmas 2008

What a wonderful holiday season we have had so far! We spent Christmas Eve day at home just relaxing (it's been so nice to just sit back and enjoy spending time with Kailyn without having to go to work). That evening we headed to my mom and dad's for our traditional Christmas Eve spaghetti dinner. Then we went to church (where Kailyn behaved beautifully- staying for the whole service instead of going to the nursery) and returned to mom and dad's to open Christmas presents. It was such a treat to have Bevan home (he surprised everyone by coming 2 days early!) and just enjoy being with everyone. Then it was home again to wait for Santa to arrive!

Kailyn making sure to put on her "lotion" to make her smell pretty. She loves putting dabs all over and just barely rubbing it in. She makes sure mommy and daddy smell nice too. :)

Great Grandma Medvedeff has a special connection with Kailyn! While she was super shy with everyone else, she kept walking right up to her GG and wanting to be picked up.

The plan for Christmas morning was for Rob and I to wake up first and get through some of our presents and then let Kailyn play with some of here toys. However, we stayed up too late watching the Notre Dame bowl game on DVR and helping Santa put together a kitchen set for KB that we ended up waking up when she did. She kept saying "OHHHHH" when she saw new presents to open.

She's in a climbing stage and of course had to stand right up in her new wagon. :)Rocking to "Wild Thing" on her new guitar. We headed over to her grandma and grandpa Eshbaugh's where we opened presents, ate tons of food, and played with new toys. I was very impressed that Kailyn kept with her napping and took an hour and a half nap~ this made the day much more delightful!

More "oooohhhs"
Kailyn and cousin Natalie helped each other open presents.
Waking up with daddy after her nap We started a new tradition of drinking pina coladas and strawberry daquiris and of course Kailyn had to try one too. Contrary to her Great Uncle Bobby's harrassment :) they were not alcoholic.

Our little family :)Next we were off to Kailyn's grandma and grandpa Haynes' for Christmas dinner.

Uncle Bevan knit Kailyn a hat. Isn't that too sweet?
Grammy and Grampy checked out her new toys with her.
Grammy and Kailyn reading a new Elmo book
Whew what a long but fantastic day spent with family!


I'm doing it myself...don't even try to help

I think the title says it all...Kailyn now screams and yells if you try to help her get dressed. She backs herself into a corner and tries to put socks and pants on alone. Her personality makes us laugh~
The monkey must have had a stuff nose- she kep doing this all night.