A real baby and Snow White...

It's been kinda strange because we're the first ones out of our friends to have a baby, so we have no one to compare to or talk about it with. Rob has a friend from high school, though who he has recently caught up with who had a baby in January. So last night, we got to go over to his house and see the little girl!! How exciting! I haven't been around a baby for a really long time, and Rob really has never been. Nate let me hold her and feed her and then Rob even took her for a while and held her. It was really neat, because he has never held a little baby like that before. It made even more excited! Very cool moment!

The other night after one of my crying/laughing crazy episodes (these are coming more often these days) :) Rob came up with a new theory that I think it pretty funny! He said, that he thinks the movie Snow White is just a big illusion. Snow White is actually pregnant, and the 7 dwarfs are her different personalities through the whole ordeal. I must say that this makes a lot of sense, and luckily cracked me up at the moment rather than making me mad. :) So today I think I'll choose to be the Happy dwarf! (At least for a while) :)