What's been up?

Nothing too new and exciting has been going on in our world. Days go by and we're so busy, but can't really explain what we've done.
Rob is waiting for the results of his big annual contest....he rocked it this year with 105 apps! Last year he had 50 some and was one of the top in the region, so we're excited to find out what the final outcome will be.
We've been busy trying to finish the basement....only a few more steps to go and we'll be able to set it all up. I will post some pictures when its done!
I've finished my last Masters class! Hooray! Now I have to complete my program portfolio and I will graduate... finally!
I've been having some back ouchies, and found out from the doctor this week that I am the proud owner of an extra bone in my back....which I think it pretty cool...how many people can say that?
Other than those "highlights" we are just the same- looking forward to summer! Thanks for checking in!

lovin outside

If we even go near the door, KB just squeals! She loves sitting outside and just looking at everything. During her days at the grandmas she loves it too- so many new things to check out. With the beautiful weather we've been having its been so nice to just get out and relax.

She loves to hold onto Maxie's leash
It's raining, can't go out...
Notice the leash again...

What's in my bag?

Kailyn loves her toy bag! She will sit and pull things out for as long as you'll let her. She always seems to have a new favorite too.


Hooray for spring!

I think it may have actually come to stay! We've enjoyed a beautiful weekend with temps in the 50s and even low 60s! It was so nice to leave the door open and a few windows cracked to let in some fresh air. Kailyn is starting to get used to the great outdoors. We went shopping at Aurora Farms Outlets yesterday-it was the first time she rode in the regular part of the stroller (wow-I am too easily thrilled these days). Today I strapped in the frontpack and we explored the backyard....she tried to use her sense of taste a little too much! Her grandpa Haynes took her on a walk in the woods too! Many outdoor days ahead!