Birthday Fun!!

Kailyn celebrated her 1st birthday with family and friends luau style! How can she be 1 already?!?

Grandma Eshbaugh, Daddy, the birthday girl, and Uncle Bevan

Cousins Jerry, Karen, and Isaac hanging out!
Cousins Julie, Isabella, Jerry, Karen, and Isaac

What's a birthday without her favorite activity? SWIMMING!

Great Grandma Medvedeff and Grandma Haynes take in the BEAUTIFUL weather! We couldn't have asked for a better day...thankfully (we don't have too much room inside!)

Who's ready FOR CAKE!?

Aunt Deb and cousin Natalie are ready for cake!

Uncle Bevan is ready to light the candle! (Nice hat, bro!)

Kailyn's ready for cake!!

MMMMMMM!!Yum Yum! A very classy way to eat a 1st birthday cake!

Thank you to everyone for some great presents for Kailyn! She actually helped open them!The last question Kailyn has is "Why is my daddy so goofy sometimes?"



All of my pictures from Kailyn's 1st birthday and her party were corrupted on my camera...so no birthday post yet! I'm collecting them from my dad and father-in-law to put up in the coming weeks (maybe I'll get a new camera out of this! :) )
In the meantime...
We took Kailyn to her first Indians' game 2 weekends ago. While the Indians are not in their prime this year (boohoo- no playoffs even!) we still love the team and suppo
rt them! Rob and I made it up to a game early in the season- I think April- but it was rain delayed and then a blow out. So we were ready to root them on for a win. Didn't happen, but Kailyn and I had fun circling the stadium while Daddy and Craig and Carrie watched from our seats. This was the day that Hurricane Ike hit NE Ohio, so it was getting pretty windy up in Cleveland!

Not real sure what happened with this picture...I think my camera is on the way out!

Kailyn loved playing with the gated walls and circling the posts in the stadium walkways. She also enjoyed visiting the water fountain repeatedly. :)