The belly will now begin...

I thiink it's safe to say that I am showing now. I'm not convinced that a total stranger would come up and say, "Hey, you're pregnant!" but most people who see me regularly have got to have noticed. I'm waiting for one of the kids at school to tell me I'm getting fat. That will be pretty funny!

I got to hear the heartbeat today at the doctor's office. I went in so they could check for a bladder infection (YUCK), and there is none of that, just a really active, high sitting baby who is getting a kick out of jumping on my bladder. I've made many many trips to the bathroom. At least I know where I need to clean better- I have plenty of time to look around :)

Watermelons are here!! My friend Julie was so wonderful and brought one for me to school yesterday. I had mentioned last week that a watermelon would be awesome to have right now, and low and behold, she happened to find one! It was one of those baby watermelons- almost a perfect replica of what my tummy is starting to look like. :) Very tasty!


bevan le penguin said...

i love you very very much, sister. and i love the little peanut too :).