Nothing much is new

We're just hanging out and living the life around here! There really isn't too much news or excitement to report! I had one "bonus" day so far for the cold weather- which was a nice surprise. We have found plenty to keep us busy- from chasing dust bunnies to tours on the wagon to piling up papers and crumpling them- prenty much anything that you would never imagine would be fun until you see it through the baby's eyes.

Naked baby on the loose!!!

We had at least of foot of snow a few weeks ago. KB loved going out...she only wished she could stay longer! The binky is now retired except for naptime and bedtime. She usually hands it right over.

Kailyn loves taking out clothes from her drawers and then distributing them around the house. She leaves piles sitting around (in some kind of particular order- who knows what it is though :) ) and then she puts them on her head and runs around!

Beep beep! We do rounds in the wagon while she picks up things from the floor and adds them in the wagon with her.

Who knew they made baby boxers. :)
Kailyn's new spot is Rob's chair. She pushes the ottoman over to it, climbs up, and scoots way back to sit just like daddy. As soon as Rob leaves the room, she runs over and climbs in...which cracks us up. The other day she even grabbed his hand, and started to take him into the kitchen and then ran back and got in his place. She totally knows she's being ornery too!Yummy peach!