Kailyn and her "puppy"

Kailyn has taken a sincere liking to Maxie, who we know call our "puppy" even though she's almost 7 years old. Yesterday, Kailyn was sitting watching Maxie play with her stuffed bear (Maxie throws it up in the air, shakes it and growls at it) and she started LAUGHING! Not just the little giggles we've been hearing but a full blown belly laugh! Rob and I just looked at each other and couldn't believe what we were hearing! She sounded like a real person laughing. I started crying it was so unbelievably precious. She kept watching her puppy play and was even shaking her head like Maxie a few times.

Maxie still is not quite sure about Kailyn, but she does not bother her at all...just checks her out (and mostly ignores her!)
Our two little babies!


Julie Madera said...

That is so cute! I bet that's funny to watch!
I think our dogs will always be our "puppies" no matter how old they get!! :-)

Kevin, Isabella & Jennifer Kramer said...

Our puppies-one nearly 10 and the other 4-love Isabella except when she tries to ride them.

Kristy LaVella said...

Great tummy time=)

Kate Secondo said...

i want to hear that belly laugh one day! I bet she sounds soooo cute!