Christmas to remember!

This year, I've had a whole new perspectives on Christmas. It hit me everytime that I would bebop along with a Christmas carol or song that all of this was about a baby. Now I've known this for what seems like forever, but it is alot more real to me now. A baby is actually breathing and living and moving. It amazes me that Jesus was a baby, just like our little one is a baby. I wonder if he cried at night or if his poops were explosive and messy. Obviously he must have been like all the other babies in the world. I'm just in awe again and again of our Lord's amazing plan to use a baby!

So Christmas has come and gone already, with all of its crazyiness and excitement. First, I had to get over a wonderful bout of strep throat which took us to the emergency room Sunday night. YUCK!! We spent Christmas Eve with the Haynes family eating a wonderful spaghetti dinner, as the tradition goes, and attending church. We finished the evening with our family present opening, and we were all surprised with French gifts that were super cool! Kailyn of course slept through most of the event, but took a few poses with her new treasures! We are really blessed to be in a family who thinks so highly of each other and gives so muc to each other.

Christmas morning, Rob and I spent a few hours opening our gifts to each other and Kailyn. Thtat girl is really spoiled, let me tell you! She doesn't even have a clue of what went on, and hopefully we keep it a secret so she doesn't expect it always! :) We ate nut bread, Rob's fav!
Then we headed over to the Eshbaugh's for another day full of fun! Again, we are blessed! We opened presents, some of which I think we can re-wrap and fool Kailyn into thinking they are new for a few years! We are toy equipped! Then we had a buffet of ham and salads and taco dip (Rob's creation, or course :) )

After some time of visiting with great grandma and grandpa from Florida, and Aunt Deb and Uncle John, we headed back to the Haynes' house for another wonderful dinner of turkey, potatoes and the holiday works! Bless those hands that made it :) ( I love you mom!) We spent some more time with Uncle Bevan and "gruncle" Chris and great grandma. By this times, we were exhausted, and little KB could hardly hole her eyes open. What a fabulous day spent with family!Uncle Bevan's first Kailyn experience.

Her first French doll. :)
What a long day! I'm exhausted!


Julie Madera said...

I'm so glad to hear that your holiday was so great! Looks like Kailyn had a great 1st Christmas!!

Kate Secondo said...

merry christmas and happy new year to you all! love you!!