a strange dream

I finally had a dream that had something to do with the baby. But it was an odd one. We were at the ultrasound and when they put the picture up on the screen, there was a parasite fish (like the one in Grey's Anatomy this week) in with the baby. No one seemed to really make a big deal about it, just like it should be there. Then the doctor said, "Well, there is definitely a brick!" And somehow I knew that that meant it was a girl. Don't know why a brick meant girl. Then I woke up because I think I got a kick in the stomach. Way strange. I know that dreams can't really predict anything, but it is kinda stuck in my mind. I wish the tech at the first ultrasound hadn't said anything about boy or girl! Now if it's a girl we'll be a little thrown off. AH well, I guess it's all in the masters' plan. :)