the name game

For anyone who isn't already thoroughly frustrated with us... we are not going to share baby girl's name till she comes. We do have some picked out, but we haven't decided 100%, and I think it would be fun to give everyone something to look forward to. (Not that having the baby itself will be something exciting to look forward to, this is just an additional test of patience I suppose) Plus I may change my mind 7 times before then, so it'll cut down on confusion!


Kevin, Isabella & Jennifer Kramer said...

You won't know until you see her. That was how it was for Kevin and me. We had a few names picked out but changed it once she was born.

William, Kristy, Kaylie & Makenzie LaVella said...

It's worth the wait... like an extra special surprise on top of actually having her!
Kaylie Marie was named after my Grandpa Kelly Schultz and her middle name from my Mom's middle name.
Makenzie Danielle got her middle name from my Dad=( and her first name was picked out by Kaylie=)