a changed dog

If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting or being around our dog, you know that she has quite a personality. She has always been a bigger fan of Rob (he's the guy in charge according to her, and then she comes next on the scale, and I come in last place as far as she's concerned). Well, she's gone through her obedience training and was pretty successful, except she was horrible for my dad when we were in Texas. Now, she has become my little groupie. She does not leave my side. She follows me to the bathroom, and everywhere else I go in the house. She even sleep right on me close to my belly. When we're on the couch, she lays right up next to me too, more than she ever did before. It is the craziest thing, but she totally senses something is going on in my growing belly. It is really cute. I wonder if she'll remember that she doesn't really like me after the baby is born? :)


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