A Night Away

You may think we're crazy, but we haven't taken a whole night away from Kailyn yet. But last night, we dropped her off at her G & G Haynes' house and headed out! It was very strange to sleep all night without checking in on her or getting up early. Now I know that 8:30 isn't exactly sleeping in (a ton), but what a nice break!
On our night away, we headed to good old Blossom for the Tim McGraw concert! We were kinda worried about rain and storms, so when we got there, we upgraded (for not much money at all) to pavillion seats. It was a very special treat! The concert was amazing and the whole place was pumped up. It didn't even rain until we were headed home.

Jason Aldean was the second to hit the stage. He got everyone pumped up for Tim to head out!
Now I'm off to go pick little KB up and hear about her adventures last night! :)


Julie Madera said...

OMG, I was there too! I LOVE HIM!! :-) I've been obessed for years. It was a great concert! I'll be uploading my pics. later this afternoon! :-)

The DeWater family said...

I didn't know you liked country!!!! That's all I listen to!

Looks like it was a great concert!

Kristy said...

OMG- Tim McGraw!!!!! What a nice night for you both=)

One of the HaynesHeads said...


Thanks for the adorable picture.. I love her little summer outfit!!!

Have a great Summer:)

The HaynesHeads

Kate Secondo said...

i just wanted to say - you look fantastic! hope you are enjoying your summer!

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