11 weeks today

Today makes it the baby "peanut" 11 weeks old! Not much new to report about it, except that I'm just beginning to feel like this is all normal. I don't worry about it all day, which is probably a very good thing.
In the middle of teaching math this morning, a major waft of broccoli (school lunches) entered my room, strong enough to make the kids cover their noses and get loud about it. I have never liked broccoli to begin with, it doesn't make much sense to me- too many different textures involved, but that smell today made me so nauseous, I had to sprint out of the room and I got sick!! First time while teaching. I guess it kinda feels like a milestone :) Luckily I had a parent volunteer there who could cover for me...
I also saw today that it is now Shamrock Shake season at McDonald's. This could be bad, because I already love them- now I feel like I have an excuse. Gotta stay away from MickeyD's!!