Our smiley guy

Gibson LOVES to smile! He even smiles right up to when he cries. Here are a few shots of our dimply guy.


what I did on maternity leave


I know, I know

It's been a little too long since I've updated our blog...I'll try to do better :)

Not a whole lot has changed in the past few months- Rob had back surgery, my belly is growing, and Kailyn is working on potty training. Other than that, we're just going through the days enjoying all of the wonderful things that come our way.


A big sister

Sooo...we have some pretty big news- Eshbaugh Baby #2 is on its way! We found out on our 6 year anniversary- July 26! it's so amazing to see the differences in the way I feel and think about this baby as opposed to the first one. It's all so very different, and a new experience. So far, I have felt alright, but pretty nauseous. My belly is definetly already expanding- which leads my mom to believe maybe it could be twins (AHHHHH!). Kailyn is of course not real sure what we are talking about, but i just know she is going to be a great big sister. We're saying our prayers and hoping that this moves along as smoothly as possible.


We were very fortunate to be able to get away for almost a week to Naples Florida! Rob's aunt has a condo that was available, (thank you so much!) and Rob had some air miles piled up, so we headed out. Before the airplane took off...As it hit its top speed on the runway, Kailyn turned from the window to look at me and said "WHEEEEEE!" It was too priceless!

First time at the beach- Kailyn called it the big sandbox. At the pool- we had it to ourselves most of the time since the condo community was practically abandoned for the hot months.

One of the beaches we went to had a small cove that did not get any waves. We had to walk across the water with all of our things above our heads to get to the ocean beach. It was so neat!

A bit hazy, but it shows her Mickey Mouse floaties- LOVED THEM!!

FINALLY!!! Kailyn showing her teeth and "semi" smiling for a picture! She is so good at avoiding the camera on purpose!!

Medina County Fair

We were very excited to try out a new fair this year! Kailyn loved being pulled in the wagon as we looked at all of the animals. they had a kiddie town where she could take "driving lessons" in the coupe car, and draw on chalkboards.

puppy sprinkler and painting

More summer fun!