swollen feeties

YIKES! With all of this lovely warm weather, I have started to swell in my feet and my ankles! Some days after school my feet look like monster feet and I can barely recognize them. It is quite strange to watch them blow up, almost like they are balloons. Ha, how much fun is this summer going to be?! :)


updated pictures

I've finally put these on the computer... You can click on the picture to make it a little bigger.

She really enjoys chewing on her hands and fingers!
This one's the kinda creepy looking shot from the front. She kinda looks alienish. :)

A Cheery Room

This is the room theme that Rob and I picke dout for our little gal.
Our walls are very close to the yellow color in the design! And we have white furniture, so it is pretty easy for us to imagine what it will look like. One of my students' grandmas made us a blanket that is orange with pink little flecks in it, and it matches perfectly too!


bragging a bit...

I have to brag a little bit because I am so proud of Rob. He opened Eshbaugh Insurance Agency less than a year ago and is already making some huge milestones. He won the contest for the most life application points for all of Northeastern Ohio! And he's working by himself while most of the other 80+ agencies have multiple employees. He was presented with a crystal "trophy" at their annual dinner meeting last week. It is so incredible to see how God is blessing him and providing opportunities when we were so lost about it a year ago. Everything definitely happens for a reason.

waving hi!

Just got back for the ultrasound and everything looked absolutely perfect!!! Baby girl is so much bigger in just 2 weeks. It was so amazing to see how much she's already changing! Our tech was so wonderful; she gave us 11 pictures to keep! One of them shows all of her fingers and looks like she's waving! Very cute! At one point, she opened her mouth up SOOOOO wide and stuck her whole fist in. It was a very strange thing to watch :)


an aquarium

I think I am definitely feeling the baby moving around now and the best way I can think to describe it is that I am like an aquarium. It feels like someone is tapping on the window trying to get attention. Some days I'm not so sure that it really is the baby, but I think it has to be. At my mom's gospel choir performance on Saturday when they were really getting loud and clapping and praising, she was kicking like crazy. It think it's really cool! And when I get moving on the elliptical, she's moving around quite a bit too!

Tomorrow we go back for another ultrasound which makes me feel very joyous! Another chance to take a peek. If only I was really an aquarium, we could see her all the time. (HMMM...that's a little to strange to think about.) Hopefully I'll have some more photos to share.


crib pictures

Here's a picture of the crib. Obviously we don't have the mattress yet, but just having this up makes us smile and feel joyful :)

And here is the changing table/dresser (I still have "stuff" to put away on top)


all the right parts!!

The ultrasound went very well, except that we have quite a stinker on our hands. It was sitting in the breech position so that the tech couldn't get all of the necessary pictures, which means we get to go back in 2 weeks! YEA! More ultrasounds! But it just didn't cooperate all that well. Luckily, the tech did get a few shot as the "area" that would tell us the sex and there was nothing there! So......it's a girl!!!! We're a little bit shocked since the first ultrasound at 12 weeks said boy, but it was way too early anyway and my dream told all. :) So we are joining the pink team and poor Rob is going to be out numbered 3 to 1. (Yes I consider the dog a part of all of this :))

Today I went to my regular 4 week appt. and everything was great there too!~ We could hear the heart beat again- at 145 beats per minute. There's really not much to those regular appts., at least not yet.
Enjoy the pictures!!